Indiverve Retail Company Inc. is an innovative and socially conscious apparel company, dedicated to bringing high-quality, and artistically designed clothing to customers in an accessible and affordable way.

Indiverve was created in 2011 by a group of free thinking entrepreneurs Abhi, Jaclyn and Vik with the intention of changing the way fashion products are designed, priced, and consumed by customers, while also bringing attention to India’s immense amount of talented artisans and designers. Often known for being a wasteful and consumer-driven industry, Indiverve strives to use fashion as a platform for positive social change and consciousness. Every Indiverve item is created responsibly and is purchased ethically by ISO certified manufacturers - the same manufacturers who work with high profile brands throughout Europe and North America.

Authentic, modern and unique, Indiverve speaks to women who are culturally inspired and who wish to wear clothing that is affordable and of the highest quality with an exceptional approach to design. At Indiverve we strongly believe that clothing should adapt to the woman and to her lifestyle, not the other way around. Gathering inspiration from the vibrant beauty of traditional east-Indian clothing design, our pieces reflect a merging of the fashions and culture of Western North America and Europe, as well as Eastern Asia.

Clothing with a conscious and strong focus on community, we believe fashion should be approached in a democratic way where the customer has a say in every step of the retail process. Through our social media channels, apps like ‘Set the Style’ and other social events, we want to break away from the traditional studio environments of fashion and create an interactive global fashion community that changes the way fashion is created and consumed.

Why Us?

Hand-crafted Products

Every one of Indiverve’s stunning pieces of jewellery are created entirely by hand using glass beads, leather, bone, nickel-free metal and semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, tigers eye, jade and turquoise. Our collection of scarves which come in luxurious fabrics such as silk, viscose and linen, are also hand-crafted by artisans in India who use traditional techniques for weaving, embroidery and beading, giving Indiverve pieces their authentic, multi-cultural aesthetic.

Affordable Prices

Affordability and fantastic quality should go hand in hand when it comes to the clothing that we purchase and live our lives in on a daily basis. No one should have to make the decision between inimitable quality and design or reasonable, accessible prices. At Indiverve we ensure that we always design using the best possible materials and that every piece is created to the utmost standards. We work directly with our manufacturers, removing intermediary channels such as wholesalers or buyers. This allows us to cut down on a lot of costs, giving us the ability to price our garments affordably, while still ensuring that our products are always exceptional.

Exceptional Quality

We at Indiverve strongly believe that no one should have to sacrifice fantastic design and quality for affordability. Our gifted artisans in India design all of our jewellery and every one of our handmade scarves and belts. All of our garments are designed in Vancouver and are produced ethically and responsibly from the same ISO certified manufacturers that manufacture for brands such as Free People and Anthropologie.

Exclusive Unique Designs

Authentic, modern, and unique, the Indiverve woman is socially-conscious and culturally in tuned with a refined appreciation for beautiful clothing and design. She wishes to wear clothing that is affordable but is also of the highest quality with an exceptional approach to design. Indiverve garments are designed in Vancouver with a unique collaborative approach. While we come up with the initial design concepts, we work closely with our artisans who are given a great deal of creative input. Traditional Indian methods of weaving, embroidery, and beading give each Indiverve piece their subtly exotic appeal.

Trendy And Modern

During the design process, we conduct an immense amount of research in terms of what colours, silhouettes, fabrics, and adornments are going to be prevalent and popular within the upcoming seasons. We examine everything from the runway shows in Milan, Paris, and New York to the designs of more obscure brands and publications. We make it our mission to bring the high-level trends and looks from around the globe to our customers while always paying tribute to the exotically beautiful traditional designs of India.

Globally & Socially Concious

More important than anything else to Indiverve is that every action we take is done so in a responsible and ethical manner. At the heart of Indiverve is the desire to use fashion, an industry known for being wasteful and at times unprincipled, as a platform for positive social and economic change around the globe. That is why all our merchandise is produced by only ISO certified manufacturers who abide by the principles of fair labor and eco-friendly production. This ensures that those employed by our manufacturers work in safe conditions, are treated ethically and receive wages that allow them to support themselves. With the intention of bringing attention to the incredible artisans that reside and work in India, all of our jewellery is designed and hand-made by Indian artisans who have a great deal of input in terms of their wages ensuring that they are able to make a comfortable living.



Budding Designer Consultations

At Indiverve we place a strong sense of value on community and wish to aid fellow entrepreneurs in any way that we can.

Budding designers who wish to start up their label and who are seeking help with different aspects of starting and running a fashion retail business look no further.

We are a one stop shop that can help up build and promote your new label. From manufacturing to building portfolio website, e-commerce, social media marketing or any other event, there are many ways we can work together.



In addition to our independent retail operation via our pop-up boutique and e-store, Indiverve also offers competitive wholesale pricing for boutiques and online retailers who are seeking a fresh, contemporary bohemian brand with an ethnic twist.

Unlike other wholsalers, we don’t need you to sign-up for memberships or by in bulk quantities in order to avail wholesale prices. We use volume based pricing with low minimum order quantities that works well for small to large fashion companies.



At Indiverve, we use the Manufacturer to Consumer Model without any intermediary channels. This model helps create opportunities for us to work with other companies and designers, who are looking to outsource their manufacturing to not only reduce costs but increase profit margins, while still maintaining highest quality standards and craftsmanship.

By working with only renowned manufacturers who abide by the principles of fair labor and eco-friendly production, we ensure that all our merchandise is responsibly and ethically produced at the highest standard of quality.


Confident, cultured, and socially conscious, the Indiverve woman knows that dressing fabulous should not come with an astronomical price tag. We offer everything from casual and semi-formal tops, tunics, and dresses to handcrafted jewellery, scarves and belts. All of our products are ethically produced in India using traditional techniques, bringing attention to the talented artists and artisans in India while ensuring that they are able to make a good, sustainable living. Affordable, high-quality, socially conscious clothing – what more could anyone wish for?

Lace Ruffle Dress in Black
Embroidered Top in Chocolate
Two Tone Dress in Bronze
Maxi Dress in Charcoal Grey
Crochet Top in Blue
Floral Print Dress with Blue Ruffles
Poncho Top in Sheer Black
Black & White Dress in Two Tone
Embellished Tunic Dress in Black
Fringe Dress with Embellishments
Embroidered Lace Dress in Black
Embroidered Lace Dress in White
Floral Print Dress with Red Ruffles
Lace Ruffle Dress
Embroidered Top in Tangerine
Embroidered Top in Turquoise
Ruffle Dress in Black & White
Floral Tunic Top in Black Shimmer
Embellished Tunic Top
Poncho Top in Sheer Pink


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